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Get to know our fertility clinics in Vienna, Wels and Klagenfurt

Our VivaNeo fertility clinics in Austria will support you competently, comprehensively and sensitively on your way from wanting a baby to having your dream child. In the process, our doctors and medical staff in Vienna, Wels und in Klagenfurt will assist you in all phases of the fertility treatment. Thanks to our many years of experience and professional expertise, using the latest technology and methods, as well as human warmth, couples wanting children are in good hands with us.

What makes VivaNeo stand out:

Renowned team of experts with exceptional reputation

An international team of fertility experts with outstanding biographies and exceptional experience in their field. By actively sharing their insights and experience across the VivaNeo Group, our physicians and embryologists personify VivaNeo’s collective knowledge and expertise in assisted reproduction.

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Outstanding treatment success derived from medical excellence

We consistently achieve above average results in fertility treatments across the VivaNeo Group. The group’s excellence in fertility treatments is driven by leading edge medical technology coupled with proven best-practices in assisted reproduction which our doctors and embryologists actively share on a group wide basis in a continuous exchange of knowledge and experience. This allows us to deliver best of breed treatments to the benefit of our patients, day by day.

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Bespoke and patient service oriented in our approach to subfertility

We treat subfertility in a bespoke manner with an empathetic service approach embracing both partners as patients. We seek to understand the often very personal situation of our patient couples and their very individual needs. We are there at hours that work for our clients and meet them with compassionate patient service in a comfortable clinic environment with plenty of space and privacy.

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References and Awards

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Von der SEF zertifiziertes Endometriosezentrum | VivaNeo Kinderwunschkliniken
Kinderwunschklinik Klagenfurt - DocFinder Patients Award 2017
i-med-cert zertifiziert nach DIN EN | VivaNeo Kinderwunschkliniken
EEL Europäische Endometriose Liga | VivaNeo Kinderwunschkliniken

Networked expertise and state-of-the-art methods of fertility treatment

The wide network of VivaNeo fertility clinics in Austria (as well as throughout Europe) enables our physicians to constantly exchange professional knowledge, to constantly develop, and thus to work at the cutting edge of reproductive medicine. This allows us to guarantee our patients examinations and treatments that use the latest expertise and most state-of-the-art methods of reproductive medicine. Of course, we always make sure that the fertility therapy is individually tailored to the needs of each couple trying for a baby, thereby increasing the chances of fulfilling your desire to have children. Find out about our fertility clinics in Austria and locate a fertility clinic in your area.

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