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Egg cell donation now legal in Austria!

Egg cell donation is legal in Austria as of 2015 and is offered in the fertility clinics of Dr Loimer!

The new reproductive medicine act states that the recipient of the donor egg cell may not be older than 45 years old at the start of treatment.

The donation is anonymous, which means that the suitable donor is assigned by the doctors and biologists of the KinderWunschKliniken Dr. Loimer.

The recipient and her partner have no access to the donor‘s data. However, the child that is conceived with the donated egg cell has the right after his or her 14th birthday to receive information from the KinderWunschKlinik Dr. Loimer on the donor.

You can of course also bring your own donor with you (your sister, niece, friend, …). Please note that the donor must be between 18 and 30 years old, and must be completely healthy.

Prior to the donation, all donors must undergo a health and genetic examination. Furthermore the donor must undergo a critical social anamnesis by the doctors KinderWunschKliniken Dr. Loimer.

An exact profile of requirements for the donor is drawn up together with the recipient and her partner.

The following characteristics are taken into consideration:

  • Blood group
  • Skin, eye and hair colour
  • Stature, height and weight
  • Education and career
  • Traits of character

The treatment expenses for private patients amount to approx. EUR 8,800.00 per donor cycle. Fertilization is carried out with the freshly obtained egg cells in order to ensure an optimal pregnancy rate of up to 80%.

With the support from the IVF fund the expenses amount to EUR 5,300.00 per donor cycle, provided the couple fulfils the fund criteria.

Our colleague Magdalena Maric (magdalena.maric[at]vivaneo.at) is happy to be of assistance and provide you with detailed information on treatments with donor egg cells.

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