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How high is the pregnancy rate at the KinderWunschKlinik?

The pregnancy rate at our Fertility Clinic in Klagenfurt is about 50% per attempt with a blastocyst transfer on day 5.

With a transfer on day 3, the pregnancy rate is lower at up to 40%, of course depending on the age of the patient and the related egg cell quality. 

Surplus blastocysts are routinely kryopreserved (frozen) and are made available to the couple for further attempts. Now the pregnancy rate using the kryo transfer lies – thanks to increasingly improved freezing methods – at over 45%.

With insemination (by partner's sperm or donor sperm), the rate is less than 13% per attempt.

Our objective at the Ferility Clinic is to achieve one intact pregnancy per attempt, with the birth of a healthy child. For this reason, we increasingly recommend the single embryo transfer in order to reduce the chance of a twin or multiple pregnancy.

Once a positive heartbeat of the baby has been confirmed (approximately in the seventh week of gestation), we discharge the patient and the pregnant patient's care is transferred back to her gynaecologist.

Statistically, it is easier to achieve a higher pregnancy rate with IVF than with ICSI. After several treatments, at least 90% of all patients become pregnant (cumulative pregnancy rate).


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