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Getting Pregnant – Medical Guidelines

Couples wishing to have children usually want to get pregnant quickly. In order to have success with this as swiftly as possible, many women analyse their cycle to determine their fertile days, so as to be able to wait for ovulation and plan sex with their partner accordingly in advance. If after one year of regular, heterosexual intercourse without contraception, no pregnancy has occurred, this is referred to as infertility.

Causes of Infertility

The reasons for infertility are extremely diverse and lie in equal part with men and women. They include, for example, poor quality of the sperm or eggs: fertilisation does not occur. We look for the causes of childlessness in our patients and put together appropriate therapies based on the diagnosis.

However, couples desiring to have children can themselves actively contribute to the success of their treatment at home. In our Medical Guidelines, you will find tips and additional information on fertility treatment.

Fertility / infertilityFertility: A suitable lifestyle can increase fertility in both men and women. This includes a healthy diet, avoiding nicotine, drinking alcohol only in moderation, and getting sufficient exercise and sleep. Stress and environmental toxins can also affect fertility. If couples wanting to have children pay attention to their lifestyle and get their bodies in shape, they increase their chances of success with in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), and thus also of the birth of a baby.

Promoting implantation: If the egg has been successfully fertilised, it still needs to implant in the uterine lining. Here, too, women can increase the chances of successful implantation of the egg or embryo through a healthy lifestyle. The type of diet plays a role, and the complete avoidance of alcohol and nicotine, but also various teas and drugs are said to help improve conditions for implantation. Although alcohol and nicotine are in any case taboo during pregnancy, and, hopefully, also subsequently with a child in the house.

Improving sperm quality: Men can positively affect their sperm quality by following similar healthy lifestyle guidelines as those directed at women, and, consequently, increase their fertility. However, they also have to change their habits over the long term, because only after three months can an improvement in the quality of the semen be recorded. This also includes avoidance of high heat, such as in saunas or caused by trousers that are too tight in the crotch. In the case of illness (flu, fever, inflammation, or when taking antibiotics, etc.), sperm quality may also be temporarily impaired.

Signs of pregnancy following artificial insemination: Of course, tension increases following artificial insemination: Did it work? During this time, women listen to their bodies more acutely and look for signs of pregnancy. Although one can only be certain after a positive pregnancy test, sometimes a pregnancy is noticed due to the absence of menstruation. Especially since one's hormonal balance changes already during the early pregnancy. The first signs of pregnancy thus deceptively resemble the typical complaints experienced immediately before a woman's period. Typical signs include: constant fatigue, irritability, constipation, nausea, dizziness, mood swings, sensitivity to certain odours.

Habituelle aborte - recurrent miscarriagesMiscarriage: Miscarriages are far more common than is widely known. A pregnancy usually ends prematurely if there is something wrong with the embryo. A miscarriage is therefore no reason to give up. On the contrary: multiple IVF treatments increase the chance of a successful pregnancy, if it did not work out the first time. In the case of multiple miscarriages,fertility clinics can clarify possible causes: the uterus, genetic factors, one's hormonal balance, blood coagulation, special antibodies, infections, etc, and, if necessary, an appropriate therapy can be initiated.

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