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Cost of artificial insemination in our fertility clinic Klagenfurt

Apart from the opportunities, risks and detailed treatment methods, patients of our Fertility Clinic Klagenfurt are, of course, also interested in the costs involved. Since the introduction of the IVF Fund in 2002, many patients known that certain treatments are co-funded. However, the process is often not fully understood.

Prices in Klagenfurt for private payers

Under certain circumstances, the cost of IVF treatment is not subsidized by the IVF Fund. In these cases, the couple must finance the treatment as a private or self-payer and thus incur the costs of treatment to 100% themselves.

There are a number of factors why costs are paid by private payers and not funded by the IVF Fund. This includes, for example, if the woman is older than 40 and the man older than 50. Also, if the man or the woman has taken measures intended to prevent reproduction, they are considered private payers. All further details for the private reimbursement of an artificial insemination can be found in the following table:

Price list Klagenfurt – for private payers

(Prices valid from March 13th, 2019):


Prices in EUR incl. 10% VAT


In Vitro Fertilization Cycle (IVF) 3.188,50
IVF u. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)  3.580,50
ICSI in the spontaneous cycle without medical stimulation (IVF-Naturelle) 2.613,75
ICSI in double stimulation (2 punctures incl. 1 transfer)4.000,00
Transfer of cryo embryos 832,00
Egg donation 8.800,00
Sedation analgesia 220,00
Quinni Match (electronic matching) IVF 110,00
Quinni Match (electronic matching) ICSI 154,00
Quinni Match (electronic matching) for Cryo Cycle 38,50
Quinni Match (electronic matching) for Insemination 38,50
P-ICSI treatment 3.811,50
On the day of the puncture, the laboratory management decides whether an IVF or an ICSI is to be performed.
Costs for early termination
Standstill of embryonic development after IVF, no transfer possible 2.270,00
Standstill of embryonic development according to ICSI, no transfer possible therefore 2.780,00
Standstill of embryonic development after ICSI in the spontaneous cycle, no transfer  1.971,25
Puncture, no egg is found 982,00
Pre-puncture discontinuation (e.g., too little stimulation response) 404,50
Termination of the experiment after point IVF (no fertilization)  1.350,00
Termination of the experiment after pt. ICSI (no fertilization) 1.850,00
Additional services
Insemination 520,00
Sperm seeds auf Anfrage
Hycosi 208,00
Complementary medicines
Pipelle 170,00
Cervical extension with sedation analgesia 320,50
Sounding and US (CK) 125,00
Seminal plasma rinsing (simple) 190,00
Seminal plasma rinse (double) 304,50
GCSF (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) 180,00
Ca + ionophore 258,00
PICSI - extra charge 231,00
IMSI - extra charge 392,00
Assisted Hatching = hatching aid 292,00
Timelapse 242,00
All additional services and complimentary medicines can increase the chances of implantation and will be charged separately.
Seed Tests
Semen 89,00
Halo test with spermogram 231,00
Tesa 770,00
Cryopreservation of seeds 90,00
Cryopreservation of embryos 308,00
Single cryopreservation of embryos (1 embryo / straw) 418,00
Storage of embryos / semen / ova per year from the second year 385,00
Storage of embryos / semen / ova per year from the 5th year 200,00
Egg freezing (puncture & cryopreservation) 2.194,50
Laboratory services
Infectious blood 60,00
HBs AK 19,00
HBV - PCR (serum or EDTA blood - not older than 5 days) 173,50
HCV - PCR (serum or EDTA blood - not older than 5 days) 121,50
HIV PCR (EDTA blood) 84,00
AMH 92,50
Chlamydia investigation 46,50
Era test incl. Pipelle 859,00
Genetic services
Polar body biopsy
Biopsy 1 to 3 oocytes (flat rate) 790,00
Biopsy each additional egg (unit price) 183,00
Genetic Analysis / Oocyte Amplification (WGA) 36,00
Genetic Analysis / Oocyte Evaluation (aCGH) 278,00
Single cryopreservation (1 embryo / straw) 418,00
Transport charge 70,00
Transport costs at fresh transfer 440,00
Trophectoderm biopsy per embryo 377,00
Genetic Analysis / Embryo Amplification (WGA) 36,00
Genetic Analysis / Embryo Evaluation (aCGH) 278,00
Single cryopreservation after trophectodermbiopsy (1 embryo / straw) 418,00
Transport charge 70,00
Ultrasonic vaginal 55,00
Monitoring fee (3 USKOs)150,00
Blood collection
Handling fee for external patients 22,00

All medical interviews and ultrasound examinations, as well as the accompaniment of the patients up to the child’s positive heart action are included in the stated prices within the scope of the fertility treatment (prices are valid per experiment).

Stimulation drugs are NOT included in the prices listed!

Prices in Klagenfurt for Germans/Foreigners

Artificial insemination in Austria - co-payment by German/foreign health insurances possible

According to the EU regulation, the German health insurance funds must pay the same amount - regardless of whether fertility treatment is to be carried out in Germany or at an IVF institute in Austria. There are, however, a number of German health insurance companies that support their insured persons with different conditions.

Therefore, it is important to always inform yourself beforehand whether the respective German statutory health insurance also pays the costs of IVF treatment in Austria. Be sure to clarify this detail before starting treatment with your health insurance.

In this context, note the following aspects

  • Once we have received the payment promise of the German health insurance, we can forward all necessary documents (cost estimate, confirmation of compliance with the German guidelines, etc.) to you.
  • After you have signed the required documents, return them to our fertility clinic in Klagenfurt.
  • After these formal steps are completed, we can start to plan your treatment in greater detail.  

Prices in Klagenfurt for IVF funds

Since 2002, the IVF fund has provided 70% of the costs of treatment and medicines, subject to certain conditions. The remaining 30% of the costs as well as the costs for medicines have to be carried the patient.

Generally accepted by the IVF Fund these treatments are

These treatments are NOT supported by the IVF Fund

  • Insemination
  • Provision of donor sperm or egg donation

In order to receive the support of the IVF-Fund for a fertility treatment in our fertility centre in Klagenfurt, some requirements regarding cause, age or health insurance have to be met. Which conditions that are exactly, you will learn in detail in the following graphic.

Find out about all treatments in artificial fertilization in Klagenfurt, our above-average treatment successes and our team of experts.

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