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Artificial insemination in our Fertility Centre in Klagenfurt

Our treatment options at a glance

In our clinic, we offer you the entire range of reproductive medical diagnostics and treatment. Our experienced team here at the VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Klagenfurt cares for your individual needs and accompanies you in all medical, psychological and personal questions on your way to giving birth.  

Our goal is to support you in your desire to have children with our expertise and many years of experience in reproductive medicine. We are happy to answer all your questions in a personal, non-binding consultation - just contact us. We look forward to meeting you! 

Comprehensive fertility treatments in Klagenfurt

Unsuccessful pregnancy can have many different causes - often several factors can play a role. Whether the fertility disorder is caused by the man, the woman or both partners, there are different treatment options in modern reproductive medicine. Our experienced team of experts in Klagenfurt will recommend the right treatment for your individual situation and will be there to personally assist you along the way and at all times.

Fertility treatments

There are many options for fertility treatment at the VivaNeo Fertility Centre in Klagenfurt. 

Hormone therapy

If the release of hormones is unbalanced for a variety of reasons, it can lead to an irregular cycle. Thus, the primary goal of hormone treatment is to promote egg maturation and to induce ovulation. This treatment can increase the likelihood of successful fertilization.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

With a man’s good sperm quality and a woman’s functional fallopian tubes, a so-called insemination (intra-uterine insemination, IUI) can be performed. Here, the processed semen of the man is flushed with a catheter into the uterine cavity of the patient after the woman’s ovulation was triggered by the hormone treatment / hormone stimulation.

In-vitro-fertilization (IVF)

In-vitro-fertilization (IVF) is a so-called assisted fertilization. In IVF, the ovum and sperm cell do not fuse in the female body but in the test tube in the laboratory. Therefore, this method is called "in vitro", which means "in the glass".

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI, IMSI, P-ICSI)

The ICSI method is usually used when the male semen quality is very limited, so that no independent fertilization of the eggs by the processed seed is possible. In an ICSI treatment, sperm are selected under the microscope, then individually mounted in a micropipette and injected directly into the collected ova of the woman.

An additional option is the so-called morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI). In this method, only optimal sperm are selected under a high-performance microscope.

In sperm selection using P-ICSI (Physiological ICSI), hyaluronic acid is used to separate mature sperm from immature sperm. Hyaluronidase is located in the head of the sperm and causes the dissolution of the outer egg shell when meeting with an egg. Thus, the sperm can penetrate into the egg, and it can then come to fertilization.

Sperm extraction TESE / MESA

Sperm may also be obtained by biopsy from the testicular tissue (TESE) or epididymis (MESA) of the male. Because often there are still fertile sperm in the epididymis or testicles of the man. This can be obtained by the doctor through a small surgical intervention, to then use it in an ICSI.

TESE: Testicular Sperm Extraction - In a surgical procedure, small pieces of testicular tissue are removed under general anaesthesia.

MESA: Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration - In a minor surgical procedure, seeds are extracted from the epididymis (also known as epididymal puncture).

TESA: Testicular sperm aspiration - this procedure attempts to suck seeds from the testicles with a needle. This procedure is usually performed without general anaesthesia.

Our comprehensive diagnostics at the VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Klagenfurt


In our VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Klagenfurt a subsequent treatment can be carried out only by a previous comprehensive diagnostic. These diagnostics includes i.a. the following examinations:

Cycle monitoring

An indication of a hormonal disorder may be an irregular cycle. In order to be able to make an accurate diagnosis, we carry out a cycle monitoring in our VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Klagenfurt. In the course of the monitoring, it can be determined with regular examinations whether, as intended, an ovarian follicle is growing or whether there is a disturbance in egg maturation. The cycle examination may also involve several cycles.

3D ultrasound of the egg follicles

Under certain conditions and to facilitate the selection of oocytes for artificial insemination, a 3D sonography is used to monitor the maturation of the ovarian follicles during hormonal stimulation. This is a way to monitor the patient's hormonal stimulation before an IVF or ICSI to better detect any abnormalities and to select the most efficiently developed follicular vesicles.

Laparoscopy for fallopian tube patency test

Laparoscopy is an effective and accurate method of examining the fallopian tubes. At the same time, possible other problems (for example cysts, adhesions) can be treated.

Uterus endoscopy

In uterine scanning, there is a close examination of fibroids or polyps in the uterine lining, or whether a condition such as endometriosis may be the cause of infertility. If there is a conspicuous finding during uterine scanning, the procedure can be performed directly.

DNA analysis of spermatozoa

As part of a DNA analysis of sperm can be analysed whether any so-called strand breaks may be a possible hidden cause of male infertility. These fragmentations of the DNA can only be found out by a precise DNA analysis.

Sperm Diagnostics

With a spermiogram, the man's ejaculate is examined macroscopically and microscopically. In this way, a spermiogram can provide information on the sperm density (sperm count), since the concentration in the ejaculate is checked by counting in a hemocytometer. In addition, the sperm mobility (sperm motility) as well as the sperm morphology (shape of the sperm) are scrutinized.

Complementary medicines

In addition to the various fertility treatments already presented here in our VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Klagenfurt, there are other accompanying treatments. Together with our team of experts, our doctors decide on a case-by-case basis whether additional treatment may be useful in your case.

Find out more about our above-average treatment successes, our prices in Klagenfurt and our team of experts.

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