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3D sonography

With the help of a 3D ultrasound, it is now possible to obtain photorealistic images and surface representations of follicles during stimulation.

In the 3D process the depth is recorded, so that, for example, the volume of an organ is recognizable. The 3D ultrasound allows a precise spatial representation. This allows failures to be diagnosed even more successfully. The recorded 3D volumes are stored, so that after the actual investigation it is still possible to edit the images in order to obtain the best diagnostic result.

In order to achieve an optimal 3D ultrasound, good sound conditions are required. During this ultrasound monitoring, specifically during the follicular stimulation, we use the "Automatic Volume Calculation" software developed in conjunction with General Electrics. Thus, at any time during the stimulation we can accurately determine the size and volume of follicles and draw conclusions on the effect of stimulation.

When our patients come in for their pregnancy ultrasound five weeks after the embryo transfer, we are happy to offer them a 3D ultrasound image of their baby in – free of charge!

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