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Your first consultation in our fertility clinic Wels

The initial consultation between the doctor and parent-to-be, provides a detailed analysis of the patient’s personal situation. It is about explaining the different possibilities of diagnosis and treatment methods to you, discussing existing examinations and clarifying your personal questions. It's best to arrange an appointment with us directly - we look forward to meeting you.

Important questions during your first consultation

During your first personal consultation in our fertility clinic in Wels, we will discuss key questions regarding your desire to have children. We are interested in knowing, for example, how long you have had the desire to have a child? Have you been pregnant before and if you have previously had a miscarriage? If you are taking certain medications on a regular basis, the length of your cycle and whether you have had surgery or have been diagnosed with a chronic disease?

Procedure of your initial consultation

  • We inform you about all the possible treatment methods of artificial insemination and their chances of success.
  • You will learn what potential risks and costs you may incur.
  • We will also inform you about our above-average treatment success in our clinic in Wels.
  • The entire conversation will be documented with an individual treatment protocol.

Come prepared for your first consultation with these documents:

Before you visit us for your initial conversation in our fertility clinic in Wels, you should go through the following checklist of required documents.

Both partners need to bring the following documents:

  • Current serological findings: hepatitis B and C, HIV, lues (husband and wife)
  • Current Chlamydia findings from the urine (man and woman)

Please bring the following diagnostic reports for the woman

  • Hormone status from the beginning of the cycle (2nd or 3rd day best)
  • Surgery reports of surgery on the uterus or the ovaries
  • Findings and records of previous IVF treatments
  • PAP smear

Please bring the following diagnostic reports for the man

  • Spermiogram

For subsequent treatment, these documents are required as well:

  • A treatment agreement signed by both partners (see download)
  • A copy of the marriage certificate
  • For unmarried couples, according to the Austrian Reproductive Medicine Act, evidence (notarial deeds) of detailed advice on the legal consequences of medically assisted reproduction by a court or notary is required
  • Copies of photo IDs of both partners
  • Non-EU citizens: residence permit

Would you like to find out more about the possible treatment methods in our VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Wels? Then make an appointment now for your initial interview, today.

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