Complementary infertility treatment

It is possible to add complementary therapies to your infertility treatment. There is a difference between complementary and alternative medicine, often used incorrectly as synonyms. Complementary medicine is an addition to traditional medicine, whilst alternative medicine uses treatments on natural basis.

Complementary treatment is individually tailored for each patient and their situation, therefore we don't recommend undifferentiated standard therapies that can often be found on the internet. At our clinic we offer complementary procedures usually after cross-disciplinary consultation in the private studio of Mag.Dr.Karin Frager-Kommetter in Villach ( or directly on the day of the embryo transfer, carried out by the doctors of Sterignost clinic.


  • acupuncture on the day of the embryo transfer, performed by Dr.Susanne Bulfon-Vogl, Dr.Alexander Boschi o Dr.Gernot Kommetter
  • Latest studies have shown that acupuncture (30 minutes before and after the embryo transfer) increases implantation rates, which can be proved also by our own statistics.
  • Immunologic tests in case of implantation failure
  • micronutrient analysis and substitution therapy
  • anthroposophic treatment
  • homeopathy
  • counselling

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