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Polar body diagnostics

Polar body diagnostics is an investigation into the genetic material of the female egg cells. In particular this helps women who suffer from recurrent miscarriages very early on in the pregnancy for no definite reason.

Similar to the pre-implantation diagnostics (PID), the polar body diagnostics can identify (with high probability) problems with chromosomes and highlight specific hereditary diseases. This way the "best quality" eggs are detected and embryos with higher nidation chances are generated from these eggs.

The major advantage of the polar body diagnostics is that no cells from the embryo are needed for the examination and, unlike the PID, the process is legal in Austria. This procedure can detect serious chromosomal damage based on the position and form of the pronuclei.

The first polar body detaches from the egg before the ovulation; the second six hours after the egg has been penetrated by the sperm. The polar bodies contain a copy of the mother's genetic material. An analysis of the polar body indicates if the genetic material of an egg is intact.

We offer polar body diagnostics at VivaNeo fertility clinic using FISH and CGH-ARRAY. We are more than happy to assist you in this regard, and can provide you with information on the costs for this kind of polar diagnostics.



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