Time lapse – for optimised IVF treatment

During in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) for couples wanting to have a baby, fertilisation of the egg and the first days of maturation take place outside the woman's body. With the help of small incubators, we imitate the environment in which eggs develop during a usual pregnancy. In order to create ideal conditions, we use modern technology.

With the Time Lapse method, the embryos are photographed every 5 minutes by a microscopic camera built into the incubator. The images are continuously compiled by means of a microchip to form a film sequence called a time lapse. This can be used to help monitor the development of the embryos in the laboratory and accurately assess their status.

Advantages of the time lapse method

Juxtaposition of the individual images renders a precise image of the development and division process. This allows for accurate conclusions to be drawn about an embryo's capability for implantation, so one can wait for the best timing.  The developmental stages of the embryo can be observed 24 hours a day without opening the incubator – that is, without disturbing it. The process guarantees a constantly optimal atmosphere with stable temperature, air, light and humidity conditions. Camera movements are also kept to a minimum, in order to minimise any potential interference with the conditions for cultivation.

The usual need to remove the embryo from the incubator to check it and identify the best possible timing for transfer, is thus avoided. What can also be determined at the same time are the fluctuations in temperature, PH value and light, as well as slight vibrations, which, in turn, could have a negative effect on the development of the embryo.

Time Lapse and Further High-Tech Procedures

The time lapse method is integrated into our Geri® incubators, which are also equipped with private chambers, always for one patient at a time: in order to avoid confusion. They also contain numerous other technical details to create the best possible developmental conditions for the embryo. This way, we come as close to natural conditions as is currently possible given the available technology.

The physicians at our fertility centres will be more than happy to advise you on the time lapse method and other fertility treatments.

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