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Getting Pregnant – Tips

You want to have a baby, but it's not working straight away? At our VivaNeo fertility clinics, we look for the reasons why and try to help you. You can actively participate in this process: many everyday factors have an effect on fertility. Both men and women can increase the chances of a pregnancy occurring by keeping their bodies fit. We support you in this and happily advise you on how to get pregnant faster.


Techniques like yoga, qigong and tai chi help the body relax and keep it fit. In addition, they are said to have a positive effect on a woman's cycle and her fertility. A fertility massage is also believed to be helpful. In any case, such practices improve one's overall well-being and thus one's hormonal balance. So, if couples want to get pregnant, they can support their fertility treatment in this way. Or, of course, promote the development of pregnancy the conventional way. Find out more about yoga for those wanting to have children. 


Studies show that acupuncture has a positive effect on fulfilling one's desire to have a child. It is designed to promote blood circulation in the uterus and ovaries and to boost the hormonal balance. And a proper supply of blood in the uterus should help implantation of the fertilised eggs.
In men, too, acupuncture is said to have a positive effect on the motility, number and general condition of the sperm. Find out more about acupuncture for those wanting to have children. 

Diet and Lifestyle

A healthy body works better. This also applies to fertility and pregnancy. That is why it is important when wanting to have a child to pay attention to leading a good lifestyle: a balanced diet, adequate sleep and exercise. Both being underweight and overweight can disturb one's hormonal balance, causing pregnancy not to occur. It has been shown that in such cases, a change of diet immediately increases one's chances of becoming pregnant many times over. This also helps support IVF or insemination treatments. Find out more about nutrition for those wanting to have children.

Too much and too little sleep also has a damaging effect on one's hormonal balance. Both throw it off balance. The right amount of sleep brings one's melatonin balance to an ideal level, which has proven to be important for both male and female fertility and for the development of the baby during pregnancy. The ideal amount of sleep for adults is 7 to 9 hours a night. The two hours allow for individual leeway: not everyone needs the same amount of rest. Exercise, too, keeps circulation and hormonal balance in shape. Only those who are underweight should be careful not to engage in excessive sporting activities.

Nicotine and Alcohol

Even when one is not wanting to have children, nicotine and alcohol are not health-promoting substances. But for those who want to get pregnant, it is best to completely abstain from nicotine and to keep alcohol consumption within limits. Passive smoking is just as harmful. Of course, both nicotine and alcohol are a no-go during pregnancy in any case. And once the baby has arrived, they should also be avoided.

Nicotine has a direct effect on the menstrual cycle, one's egg reserves/quality, the uterine lining, semen density, sperm motility and genetic make-up (DNA), and it subsequently leads to increased miscarriages. 

Alcohol can prevent ovulation, reduce sperm quality and, as a result, increase the rate of miscarriage. Although, indeed, only if consumed in large quantities. However, drinking even smaller amounts is a problem for women who want to get pregnant. Since one is initially never completely certain whether it has worked, there is always the risk of damaging the embryo with alcohol.

Sexual Intercourse

Regular sex, of course, helps, especially on one's fertile days. It increases the sperm quality and - last but not least - one's chances of getting pregnant the usual way. To determine the ideal time, cycle monitoring can provide useful insights.

Assistance for Those Wanting to Have Children

If, despite all the measures and a healthy lifestyle, the usual way is just not working, there are fortunately other ways to induce a pregnancy. These include in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), or ICSI and insemination. Although a healthy lifestyle can still increase the chances of giving birth to a healthy child in the case of artificial insemination as well.

In addition, we use a variety of diagnostic methods to search for causes and can solve many problems with hormonal treatments or minor procedures. Talk to our VivaNeo experts. You will be given detailed, calm advice. Contact us today.

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