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Cost of artificial insemination in our fertility clinic Wels

Of course, the question regarding the cost of an artificial insemination in our fertility clinic in Wels is as important to our patient as information about possible diagnoses, treatment methods and even the legal conditions for a fertility treatment. Should the IVF fund be able to reimburse the costs, couples must inform themselves in advance as to which costs will be co-financed and, if so, by whom and how much?

Prices in Wels for private payers

Private insurance payers or self-payers cannot benefit from the support of the IVF fund and must fully (100%) pay for the treatment costs and the expenses for medicines.

You belong to the private payer group, if the woman is older than 40 years old or the over 50. Additionally, patients must bear the costs themselves, if the husband or wife has taken measures to prevent procreation (intentional ligation of the female fallopian tubes or intentional ligation of the male spermatic cord/vasectomy). The private reimbursement also comes into effect if you work abroad and are insured with a foreign health insurance company or if you do not have a permanent residency title in Austria.

Further details about our prices for direct payers at the VivaNeo Fertility Clinic Wels can be obtained from our clinic staff. We look forward to hearing from you.

Above-average treatment success

At the Fertility Clinic Wels, the chances for a successful fertility treatment are above the Austrian national average. For example, according to the latest IVF Fund 2017 report, the pregnancy rate of 50% among the 25-29 age group at the VivaNeo Clinic Wels was significantly above the national average of 28%. Learn more about your chances in Wels.

Would you like to find out more information about possible treatment methods in our VivaNeo Fertility Clinic Wels? Then make an appointment for your initial consultation, today.

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