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Costs for artificial insemination in our fertility clinic Vienna

In addition to a wide variety of treatment methods, legal terms and conditions and the prospects of success of the fertility treatment, our patients in Vienna are naturally also interest in understanding the costs involved in the IVF treatment.

What are the costs for my fertility treatment? Can costs be co-financed and if so, by whom and up to what amount?

Prices in Vienna for private payers

Private insurance payers are all couples who are not supported by the IVF Artificial Insemination Fund. Private payers or self-payers must pay 100% of the costs of treatment and medication themselves. You belong to the private payer group, if:

  • you, as a man or woman, have taken intentional measures to prevent reproduction (intentional obstruction of the female fallopian tubes or intentional obstruction of the male spermatic cord, vasectomy).
  • you work abroad and are insured with a foreign health insurance fund.
  • you do not have a permanent residence permit in Austria.

The following table offers more information for private payers.

Price List - Vienna

(Prices valid from 01 June 2019;
All prices include our digital matching system RI Witness):


Tariff in EUR incl. VAT.


2 ultrasound controls included 0.00
medications 400.00
sedation analgesia 289.00
Transfer of cryoembryos273.97
In-vitro fertilisation cycle (IVF)
Age under 35 years 606.71
Age between 35 and 40 years 701.80
IVF & Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
Age under 35 years 710.99
Age between 35 and 40 years 807.08
Tese 739.76
egg donation on request
Abortion before puncture (e.g. if the response to stimulation is too low)
Age under 35 years 37.35
Age between 35 and 40 years 97.63
Abortion after puncture (e.g. no egg)
Age under 35 years 281.17
Age between 35 and 40 years 338.58
Abortion of the test after puncture (e.g. fertilization failure) in IVF
Age under 35 years 425.23
Age between 35 and 40 years 485.51
Termination of the attempt after puncture with ICSI
Age under 35 years 533.08
Age between 35 and 40 years 593.36
Termination before cryoembryo transfer 11.43
Private Treatments incl. VAT
2 ultrasound controls included 0.00
sedation analgesia 289.00
In-vitro fertilisation cycle (IVF) 3,228.50
IVF and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICS) 3,734.50

IVF in spontaneous cycle without drug stimulation (IVF-Naturelle)


ICSI in spontaneous cycle without drug stimulation (IVF-Naturelle) 2,613.75
Transfer of cryoembryos 870.50
egg donation on request
insemination 558.50
Embryonic development after IVF stops, therefore no transfer possible 2,380.00
Embryonic development is stopped according to ICSI, therefore no transfer possible2,934.00
Puncture, no oocyte found 982.00
Abortion before puncture (e.g. if the response to stimulation is too low) 404.50
Termination of the experiment according to IVF (no fertilization)1,460.00
Termination of the experiment according to ICSI (no fertilization) 2,004.00
Termination of the experiment according to point IVF2,380.00
Termination of attempt according to ICSI point 2,934.00
first consultation 142.00
foreign seedsUpon request
Hycosy 208.00
Implantation curettage 92.50
Ultrasound vaginal55.00
Supporting measures can increase the chance of implantation and will be charged separately.
Nidation flushing (simple) 190.00
Nidation flushing (double) 304.50
Ca+ - Ionophore 200.00
PICSI - Surcharge 231.00
IMSI - Surcharge 392.00
Assisted Hatching = slip-on aid 292.00
Embryo-Glue 92.50
Timelapse- additional diagnostics 242.00
Spermiogram 89.00
Halo test with Spermiogram 231.00
sedation analgesia 289.00
One-off freezing fee for semen90.00
One-off freezing fee for embryos (two or more in the straw) 308.00
One-off freezing fee for embryos (individually in the straw) 418.00

Tariff in EUR incl. VAT

infectious blood 60.01
Red chalk titer 21.00
AMH 92.50
chlamydia test46.50
Era swab (incl. kit and acceptance test) 180.00
Curettage uterine killer cell 92.50
KIR/HLA determination 220.00
E2 Blood collection 23.50
FSH Blood collection 29.00
Red Chalk Titer Blood Collection21.00
blood typing92.50
Small BB Blood collection43.00
Prolactin Blood collection29.00
TSH Blood collection29.00
Preoperative coagulation status Blood collection 35.00
progesterone 35.00
hlH basal blood collection 35.00
Free Testosteron FTES Blood Collection 32.51
DHEA-S blood collection 32.51
Vitamin D blood collection 46.50
CRP blood collection 29.00
APC-Resistence blood collection 9.64
Faktor V Mutation Blood Collection 93.50
Iron Blood Collection1.25
Ferritin Blood Collection 3.30
B-2-Glycoprotein Blood Collection35.00
Homocysteine Blood Collection 17.62
17OHP Blood collection 25.00
LH Blood collection4.98
Microsomal AK blood collection 9.16
Extended coagulation 445.50
Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Blood Collection 64.90

polar body diagnostics


Biopsy 1 to 3 (flat rate)790.00
Biopsy each additional egg cell (unit price) 183.00
Genetic Analysis/Egg cell evaluation (aCGH + WGA) 294.00
transport flat rate 70.00
One-off freezing fee of Ebryons (single in straw) 418.00
Storage of embryos/sperm/oocytes (semi-annually in advance) 100.00
Trophectodermbiopsy per embryo377.00
transport flat rate70.00
One-off freezing fee for embryos (individually in the straw)418.00
Storage of embryos/sperm/oocytes (semi-annually in advance) 100.00

Prices in Vienna for Germans/Foreigners


Artificial insemination in Austria - co-payment by German/foreign health insurances possible


According to the EU regulation, the German health insurance funds must pay the same amount - regardless of whether fertility treatment is to be carried out in Germany or at an IVF institute in Austria.

The many different health insurances support their insured persons with different conditions during fertility treatment. In any case, find out exactly whether your statutory German health insurance will also support you with fertility treatment in Austria. Please make sure you contact your health insurance company before starting treatment.

As an insured person with a German health insurance company, you want to carry out fertility treatment at a VivaNeo fertility clinic in Austria? Then it is best to proceed as follows:

  • Contact your German health insurance company and have the required payment promise for treatment in Austria confirmed.
  • As soon as we have received your payment confirmation, we can send you all the necessary documents such as a compliant cost estimate and a confirmation of compliance with the German guidelines.
  • Sign the required documents and return them to our fertility centre in Vienna.
  • Now we can start planning the treatment in more detail.

Prices in Vienna for IVF funds

Since 2002, a large part of the cost of artificial insemination (in-vitro-fertilization) has been covered by the IVF Fund. The following treatments will be co-funded by the IVF Fund during IVF treatment.

However, these treatments are NOT supported by the IVF Fund:

If certain conditions are met, this IVF fund covers 70% of the treatment and medication costs. The remaining 30% of the costs, even for medicines, have to be paid by the couple. In order to benefit from the support of the IVF Fund, certain conditions relating to cause, age or health insurance. Must be met Which exact indicators these are, you will learn in detail in the following graph.

Learn more about our artificial insemination treatments , our costs in Vienna and our team of experts.

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Take advantage of this opportunity and arrange an initial consultation at our VivaNeo Clinic in Vienna to discuss all details of the various treatment methods.

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