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Artificial insemination in our fertility centre in Vienna

Our treatment options at a glance

Your wish to have children has not yet been fulfilled? Often not only one factor is decisive, but it can have many different reasons. The initial consultation with our patients therefore occupies a central place in your VivaNeo Fertility Centre in Vienna. This way, we can get to know our patients and their individual situation better. If, after our first medical examinations, there is a fertility disorder in one or both partners, modern reproductive medicine offers various options for artificial insemination. Treatment by our experienced team in Vienna is not only goal-oriented and competent, but also very sensitive and individual. Our common goal is to help you finally fulfil your desire to have children.

Comprehensive fertility treatment in Vienna

As a specialist for artificial insemination, we are at your disposal as an empathetic contact partner for all aspects of reproductive medicine. Whether hormone treatment, insemination or IVF / ICSI as well as preimplantation diagnostics (PID) and egg donation - we take our time for you and advise you competently and empathetically on your treatment options.

Fertility treatments

The possibilities of fertility treatment at the VivaNeo Fertility Centre Vienna at a glance

Hormone therapy

During a hormone treatment, the maturation of the eggs is stimulated before artificial insemination. At the same time, ovulation can be precisely controlled.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

After the ovulation of the woman has been triggered by hormone treatment/hormone stimulation, the prepared sperm of the partner can be transferred directly into the uterus with a catheter. This intrauterine insemination is used, for example, to treat slight male fertility disorders.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

During in vitro fertilization (IVF), matured oocytes are removed from the woman after hormonal stimulation. Thereafter, the oocytes outside the body are brought together with the processed sperm of the partner. If fertilization is positive, up to two embryos are usually transferred to the uterus after 2-5 days.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI, IMSI, P-ICSI)

If the number of suitable sperm cells is too small for IVF treatment, it is possible to fertilise the eggs obtained after hormone stimulation in the laboratory by microinjection with one sperm cell each. As with IVF, the embryos are then transferred into the uterus. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is usually used when the male sperm quality is very poor. In this treatment, individual sperm are drawn into a hollow needle and then injected into the oocytes previously obtained by puncture.

In P-ICSI, sperm are selected according to their degree of maturity, which can be tested in a hyaluronidase binding test.

Sperm extraction TESE / MESA

If no fertile sperm can be detected in men, it is possible to remove sperm from the testicular tissue (TESE) or from the epididymis (MESA) by biopsy. These sperms can then be prepared for artificial insemination by ICSI.

Our comprehensive diagnostics at the VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Vienna


Comprehensive examinations by our specialist doctors at the Fertility Centre Vienna can provide information as to why a desired pregnancy has not yet occurred. Your team of experts at the VivaNeo Fertility Centre Vienna will therefore first analyse whether fertility changes have occurred by means of comprehensive diagnostics.

Cycle monitoring

During the cycle monitoring, a blood sample is taken from the woman on the second to fifth day after the onset of menstruation to determine the hormone levels. An additional blood sample and a vaginal ultrasound examination follow approximately one week before the next menstrual period is expected.

Laparoscopy for fallopian tube patency test

The basic prerequisite for pregnancy in the conventional way is a functioning fallopian tube. If they do not work without problems, this can impair the woman's fertility.

3D ultrasound of the egg follicles

In our fertility centre in Vienna, a 3D ultrasound examination (sonography) is used to select the eggs for artificial insemination. Thus, 3D sonography is part of the hormonal stimulation of the patient prior to IVF or ICSI as an effective method to better identify possible undesirable developments. It is also possible to select the best developed follicles for follicle collection.

Uterus endoscopy

A uterine endoscopy can be used to check whether there are myomas or polyps in the uterine lining or whether a disease such as endometriosis causes infertility. The advantage of uterine endoscopy is that in the event of an abnormal finding, treatment can be carried out during the procedure.

DNA analysis of spermatozoa

A possible hidden cause of infertility can be so-called strand breaks (fragments) of the DNA in the male sperm. There are several influencing factors that lead to this. This can be determined by DNA analysis of the sperm.

Sperm Diagnostics

The macroscopic and microscopic examination of the ejaculate (spermiogram) is at the centre of the diagnosis of male fertility. In this way, a spermiogram can provide information about the sperm quality of the man. In our special laboratories we carry out sperm analysis and advise you on your individual case regarding the possibilities of fertility treatment.

Complimentary medicines

In addition to the various fertility treatments already described here in our VivaNeo Fertility Clinic in Vienna, there are additional accompanying treatments. Depending on the previous diagnosis and examination status, these treatment methods are used in the course of fertility treatment in our fertility clinic.

Find out more about our above-average treatment successes, our prices in Vienna and our team of experts.

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Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule an initial consultation at our VivaNeo Clinic in Vienna to discuss all details of the various treatment methods, today.

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